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      April 2019

      BBS strikes again! AutoBild Award 2019

      "And the winner is:" BBS

      For the readers of the well known german car magazine AutoBild BBS is still the undisputed number one of all wheel manufacturers. Both categories Quality (55,3%) and Design (54,6%) were dominated by BBS with proper distance to all following competitors and so BBS ensured its victory at the notable AutoBild Award "Die besten Marken aller Klassen" (Best brands of all classes).
      (Source: AutoBild)

      This year again the german car magazine AutoBild asked its readership which suppliers and providers in their opinion  have the utmost reputation in more than 30 different categories. And BBS was once again in their favor. ?We are very proud and we want to give our thanks to all readers of AutoBild and of course to all our biggest fans and critics - our customers", said CSO Erwin Eigel in reference to the new award.